What is there to do at Pebane?  [scroll down for more▼]

■    There are many things to do  -  the main activity is deep-sea fishing.
■    Beach & Ocean:  Relaxing on the beach, island trips with snorkelling, and diving for the adventurous.
■    Scuba Diving & Snorkelling: There are four islands close to Pebane. Fantastic dive and snorkelling sites
      can be found around the surrounding atolls.
■    Photography: Beautiful landscapes, scenery for the keen photographer. Note: bring along sufficient film
      or cards and batteries, etc., as there are no shops in Pebane that cater for photographic requirements.
   Local Attractions: Town trips; authentic African culture; local fisherman with their Dhows and Makoros
      (sea-going canoes); local market where you can barter for everything, from cashew nuts to the catch of
      the day!
   Historical Trips: To see an Old Catholic church, the lighthouse which has been renovated and an
      old Portuguese cemetery with wonderful old tomb stones dating back hundreds of years.
   Wrecks: There are many wrecks from the old Portuguese trading days around the Mozambique coastline.
      About 62 kilometers from Pebane, a container ship sank in the pristine reef, creating a gathering and
      meeting place for extraordinary reef fish.
The Coelacanth: (Latimeria chalumnae) was an exciting discovery - this species evolved 400,000,000 years
      ago and was thought to be extinct. Specimens were caught at depths of more than 200 metres in Madagascar
      and at Pebane, Mozambique.

   What is the local language?

Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony and the majority of the people speak Portuguese. Dialects of “Chichewa,” which is a Malawian language, and “Chuwabu” are spoken but “Makhuwa-Moniga” is the main language spoken by the local people. English is widely used, particularly in the south of Mozambique, but is fairly uncommon in Pebane.

   Do I need to take Anti Malaria drugs?

Yes – please make absolutely sure that you take all precautions. Mozambique is a Malaria Zone. Consult your doctor as to which medicines to take. Measures are taken to reduce the mosquitoes; however this does not eradicate them entirely. Please make sure you take preventative steps. All beds have mosquito nets covering the sleeping area.

   What health-care facilities are available?

There is a small local clinic / hospital, which provides good care for minor problems. Antibiotics and malaria cures are inexpensive and available over the counter. In the event of a major medical emergency, the hospital will stabilise and perform first aid procedures while air rescue services are called. Please be aware that proof of comprehensive medical insurance is needed prior to arrival at Pebane.

   Travel Insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is IMPERATIVE as well as for your own peace of mind.

   Do we need Innoculations?

No innoculations required, save for malaria tablets.

   Is there electricity? What kind?

Eskom power, 220V. There is also a generator for stand-by.

   Can I use my mobile there?

As a rule, reception is good. There is also a satellite telephone available.

   Can I drink the water?

No, bottled water only.  

   What sort of clothing should I bring?

Lightweight clothing is suitable year-round. Hats and caps are vital for sun protection as well as a good sun protection lotion.  

   Entry requirements?

All visitors require a valid passport and visa for entry to Mozambique. Visas can now be purchased at any of the mentioned customs (Quellimane, Beira, Vilanculo’s, Pemba or Maputo)

   Anti seasickness

If you are aware of being prone to motion sickness, or if you are not sure if you are, please take the precaution of getting something from your chemist or doctor. If you are not accustomed to boats, this is advisable to ensure motion sickness does not spoil your experience.

   Is there TV?

Yes, there is a TV set with ample channels to surf in the barzone.

   Bad weather?

February is the rainy season. We would suggest that you look at a weather long-term forecast (link below) when planning you trip.  In case of bad weather, we would suggest you bring some form of entertainment in the form of books and games.



Google and view the lodge at the following GPS co-ordinates:  S14 79 335 / E036 58 405